Frequently asked questions

Who is Das Leben spüren - Embrace Life?

Das Leben spüren – Embrace Life is a one woman start-up founded in spring 2018. Das Leben spüren is closely connected with my own story, my search for meaning, connectedness and joie de vivre. Nature’s pure presence, its peace and sheer beauty always help me to find my centre and natural rhythm again.

What is the mission of Das Leben spüren - Embrace Life?

Das Leben spüren invites you to enjoy and experience life and nature with all your senses. To be open to the moment – feeling a breeze, smelling the scent of a flower, walking barefoot, touching the bark of a tree. Nature helps to widen our horizons, to step out of worrying thoughts and tune into a slower rhythm which is very curative for body and soul. Like that, gloomy moods may be lifted up, creative solutions might occur, peace and relaxation can be achieved easily.

What is Das Leben spüren - Embrace Life offering?

Das Leben spüren offers privately guided hikes and excursions for travellers and group activities on the weekends for expats and locals who enjoy the international community of like-minded people. The tours are of easy to medium difficulty and take place within selected, inspiring landscapes and unique places to nourish our souls. Many of the tours and excursions are aimed at rivers, waterfalls and lakes.

Since the culinary delight and the cozy get-together are of equal importance, a visit of a restaurant, hut or traditional wine tavern will be scheduled whenever possible. The tours are held in English and German language.

In what language will the tours be held?

The tours will be held in English and German language, depending on the participants.

What happens if the minimum number of participants has not been reached?

In that case, the tour will be cancelled and the money will be paid back. The tour might be offered again at a higher price for a smaller group.

What happens if the weather is very bad on the day of the tour?

Private tours for travellers:

In case of bad weather, especially predicted heavy rain throughout the day, we try to re-schedule the tour if possible. If we cannot agree on a new date for the tour, it will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded. Alternatively, another tour option can be chosen.

Group activities for expats and locals:

If the weather is too bad for a scheduled outdoor activity, the corresponding indoor activity will take place. As well, the program can be changed in a way that the outdoor part is shortened or switched to a different time of the day (mornings/afternoons).

If no alternative programme has been offered for the respective event, the event will be cancelled in bad weather and postponed to a new date. Payments already made will be converted into vouchers and cannot be refunded.

I am not very sporty and have no hiking experience. Can I still sign up?

Most of the hikes I am organizing are easy to medium difficulty. We usually walk in a moderate tempo. Please carefully read the description of the tours and start with an easy hike. In general, you should be able to walk 4-5 km per hour on an even trail without any problems. If you are uncertain, please contact me any time.

I have an injury (e.g. pain in my knee) and I am not sure whether to participate or not.

Please always clarify medical uncertainties in advance with your doctor and follow his/her advice

Do I need an insurance?

I recommend to buy an insurance. Especially a salvage cost insurance (mountain rescue) is advisable. Please check beforehand if you already have one (e.g. member of alpine clubs, automobile clubs – safe conduct, leisure time accident insurance, credit card insurance etc.). Please be aware that a regular Austrian health insurance does not cover a mountain resuce.

Can I bring my dog?

Please ask me beforehand if you want to bring your dog. Many National Parks and Nature Reserves do not allow dogs and some people might be afraid of them.

Can I bring my children?

The hikes are generally designed for grown ups, as children need more breaks and have different needs. In case you want to bring your children, please contact me beforehand and we can decide together.

What shall I wear?

This is strongly related to  the weather, of course. In principle, think of an onion – wear several layers of clothing. Functional sports wear (merino shirts) is recommended, as it dries much quicker than eg. cotton. Plus: a second t-shirt, another pair of socks to change (in an extra plastic bag), fleece jacket, rain jacket, head gear (bandana, cap, hat), shawl, hiking pants, shorts. Not to forget the rain protection for your backpack – or bring a poncho. For hikes along rivers or lakes you can also bring swimwear and a light towel.

Do I specially have to buy hiking boots?

In any case, you need boots with good grip, up to your ancle is recommended – like that, your foot is well protected. The boots should be light, comfortable and waterproof. It is recommended to break them in before the first hike. Make sure that they don’t fit too tight, you should have enough space for your toes while walking downhill. Don’t forget to wear the right socks – they make a big difference and can help to protect you from blisters.

What else do I need to bring?

Personal medications, lip protection (spf 50), sun screen (spf 30 min), cream against fever blisters, leukoplast, band-aid, band-aid for blisters, bepanthen, handkerchifs, cleansing tissues, small first aid kit, tampons/sanitary towels, additional batteries for camera or smartphone, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses solution.

What food shall I bring?

While hiking, you will burn a lot of calories, so it is essential to eat and drink enough. It is recommended to bring at least 1 litre of water, unsweetened herb tea or diluted juices, better 1,5 litres. As snack, sandwiches, hardboilded eggs, nuts, dried fruits, muesli bars, dextrose, fruits (e.g. apples, bananas) and vegetables (e.g. cucumber, pepper, carrots) are good energy dispensers. The type of food that gives you energy but is easy digestible. Also bring a plastic bag for waste.

With or without hiking poles?

This is up to you. They should be of high quality in order to avoid injuries and you should be already trained to use them.

Do I need a backpack?

It is good to have your hands free and to carry the weight on your back. Best option is a backpack with a hip belt. 25 – 30 litres are an ideal size for a one day hike.