About me

My passion for nature has been a big part of my life since early childhood. I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with a big garden in the outskirts of Vienna. The Vienna Woods were basically around the corner. My most beautiful childhood memories are strongly connected with nature.

I remember lying in the grass, surrounded by clover and humming bees, watching the clouds in the sky. The beautiful feeling of running barefoot through the dewy grass on a mild summer morning – admiring millions of sparkling water drops reflecting all colours of the rainbow.

Or the song of the blackbird at dusk, a hint of freshly mown grass in my nose. And I remember the tall enchanting birch in front of our house with its delicate, radiant green leaves in spring. And not to forget the bewitching scent of the lime trees and roses in June. This and so much more has retained in my memories.

As a child, being close to nature was obvious. Today, I experience it with great awareness and gratitude. During my hikes and trips, the focus is on the conscious experience of nature, recognising the abundance and beauty of creation in every single moment.

There is nothing more fulfilling for me than exploring new trails and landscapes and to share them with others.

If you are not sure if my offer is the right thing for you, please have a look at for whom it is designed.


  • Certified hiking guide (VAVOE)
  • Many years of experience with groups
  • Developed intercultural competence
  • Systemic constellation work
  • Professional experiences in PR, sales and event management
  • Master in Tourism and Leisure Management (IMC Krems)
  • Lived, studied and worked in London, Rome, New York, Toulouse and Frankfurt
  • Flight attendant
  • Born and raised in Vienna